Free-Rage Parenting Is The Hot New Parenting Style You Need To Try

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When Out Shopping, Your Baby Has A Death Diaper And You Go Into The Bathroom To Change Them And As Soon As You Have Them Partially Undressed You Realize That Someone Forgot To Restock The Diaper Bag 


One Of Your Kids Deletes The Episodes Of Game Of Thrones From The DVR That You Haven’t Had Time To Watch Yet Because They ‘Needed To Make Room For Too Cute‘ 

Your Sister-In-Law Asks You Why You’re Toddler Isn’t Talking Yet Because Her Kid Was Talking Well Before Age Two 

One Of Your Kids Leaves Two Freezer-Burned Bites Of Ice Cream In The Container Instead Of Throwing It Away  


Your Maternity Leave Just Started And Your Boss Calls To Ask When You’ll Be Back At Work 

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