Fraternity Gets A Slap On The Wrist For Keeping Nude Photo Album Of Unconscious Victims”


Did you wake up today with faith in humanity? If so, I’m sorry to say, I’m about to dash your hopes and dreams. This morning, I was greeted with the news that yet another fraternity that violated women has barely been punished by the college it’s associated with. It’s not a surprise but it is an outrage. Why does this keep happening?

The school in question is Penn State and the fraternity is Kappa Delta Rho. As it turns out, these pieces of shit had been maintaining a secret Facebook page loaded with pictures of unconscious, naked women. This vile act was punished by a 3-year suspension, which means the frat will be officially recognized again by 2018. Seriously? Here’s more, via Gawker:

In some of the photos found on the Kappa Delta Rho-operated Facebook page, a search warrant application alleges, it appeared ”that the individuals in the photos are not aware that the photos had been taken.”

The three-year ruling was apparently intended to compensate for an earlier and more lenient ruling by the school’s Interfraternity Council, which had voted to allow Kappa Delta Rho to stay on campus under certain conditions.

So, they were almost allowed to stay on campus because their peers didn’t seem too concerned about this revolting behavior? Awesome. I guess at least it’s good the school intervened and acknowledged this in some way but really, it doesn’t do much to change things. Just because they aren’t officially recognized doesn’t mean they can’t continue to meet and have parties and keep violating women while they’re too drunk to do anything about it. Their house is privately owned and off-campus so other than not being recognized by the school, things will likely be business as usual for these stellar examples of humanity. It is appalling that the university didn’t immediately shut them down but sadly, not surprising based on how these offenses tend to be overlooked by colleges in general. These women were seriously violated and more should be done to punish the criminals that did it.

As a parent, these stories make me shudder. The idea of sending my kids to college knowing this is the kind of thing they may encounter is pretty terrifying. All we can do is raise our sons to never violate women and raise our daughters to avoid the kinds of men that will do these things no matter how they’re raised. In the meantime, it would be nice if colleges acted more decisively in matters such as these to discourage other organizations from acting similarly.

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