UVM Fraternity That Circulated Rape Survey Under Temporary Suspension

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sigma phi epsilonThe Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of Vermont is under temporary suspension after a survey for their brothers was made public. Among questions about where they like to have sex and their favorite recording artist, fraternity brothers were asked who they would like to rape.

The survey reportedly got out after a fraternity brother accidentally emailed the document to a teacher’s assistant instead of an assignment. WCAX reports that the fraternity was already on probation for multiple drinking violations. But in the wake of what the administration is calling a “highly offensive” survey, the national fraternity and the university have forbidden the fraternity from operating. The brothers can still live in the house for the time being, according to Annie Stevens who supervises student life and activities. But the students cannot host any socials, formals, or events. [tagbox tag=”rape”]

The national fraternity released the following statement in response to the survey:

“Any behavior that demeans women is not tolerated by the fraternity.”

The Sigma Phi Epsilon men at UVM have been “instructed” not to speak the media, but students on campus are still pushing for the fraternity to be completely disbanded. WCAX also reports that one of the fraternity brothers has been accused of rape and that the university is currently investigating the allegations. The police have also been notified.

The students featured in the television segment, both men and women, feel that the suspension is just — but it’s unclear at this point how UVM will proceed. Merely slapping these boys on the wrist with a punishment of no dances for the semester doesn’t come close to conveying the severity of perpetuating rape culture and posing a severe threat to the safety of other students.

[UPDATE: Sigma Phi Epsilon has officially closed its doors at UVM]