Douchebag Frat Brothers Mark Girl’s Hands So They Know Who To Give ‘Roofies’ To

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In a story that will make you never want to let your daughter go to college, we have some lovely gentlemen from the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee accused of drugging the drinks of young women who attended a recent party they held. The police investigation has uncovered information suggesting that these frat brothers mark girl’s hands with red X’s so they know who to give “roofies” to. This entire thing makes me rage-blind. I cannot believe there are young men who think it is perfectly acceptable to drug a girl in order to make her incapacitated so they can take advantage of her.

According to The Daily Mail, three young women and one man were hospitalized following a recent party at the TKE house. They had experienced black-outs and it was determined that they all had been drugged. The man had taken a sip from one of the girl’s drinks which explains why he had the same symptoms. To make matters worse, this fraternity was investigated over sexual assault claims last year and has now been suspended by the university. The account of this female student is so terrifying- it makes me sad that anyone would go to their parties knowing their reputation and also, why they were still allowed to operate at all:


According to the student, the fraternity had a reputation for putting ‘roofies’ – or, Rohypnol – into women’s drinks but ‘she thought it was all in the past’. 

Another hospitalized girl said ‘you have to be hot’ to get an $8 access card from the fraternity leaders which warrants free drinks.

A third told police someone poured her a drink then moved ‘the cup under the bar out of sight; after a few moments the male pulled the cup back on top of the bar and gave her the mixed drink.’

Just over 30 minutes later, she blacked out. 

Rohypnol, a tasteless drug, is colloquially referred to as ‘the date rape drug’ as it sedates users who then fail to remember what happened during the time that they were under the influence.

Police said students could barely stand or walk when they visited the residence three times between midnight and 1.30am on Saturday 13.


Basically, by having these “you have to be hot” access cards, they are making these girls feel flattered and wanted. Wow, what a way to groom a victim. If they are only giving these cards out to girls they deem attractive then of course there are girls who will happily drink whatever is handed to them because they feel like they are special in some way. What a disgusting way to take advantage of someone.

This strengthens my resolve that I will be having MANY conversations with my daughter as she gets older about the importance of never letting her drink out of her sight. Of course, women should be able to feel safe looking away from their cup but the fact is, evil douchebags like this still exist in the world and I don’t want this happening to her. Until we can manage to raise our sons to not want to drug and take advantage of their female peers, we have to teach our daughters to be ever-vigilant and on the watch for this kind of situation. My heart breaks for these girls and I hope this fraternity is banned forever from the University but sadly, we know there are likely many other colleges where this happens. They just haven’t been caught yet.

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