Filmmaker Dad Shoots Awesome Time-Lapse Video Of Daughter’s First 12 Years

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viral videoHow’s this for cool? Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester shot his daughter Lotte once a week from the time she was born until she turned 12 years old. He then edited down his footage into a short clip, which you can view here. I can’t imagine any parent watching this and not getting at least a little bit teary-eyed (okay, so I was full-on bawling).

Lotte’s a beautiful girl, that’s for sure, but what’s so touching about the whole thing is how Hofmeester has managed to capture his child’s personality in a mere 2 minutes, 45 seconds. She’s talking in many of the shots and though we can never hear what she’s saying, her expressions say it all.

Lotte literally grows up before our eyes, which is a pretty amazing thing to see. It’s all so real. And it makes you stop and remember to savor the moment – because you can’t watch this video and not think, “Holy shit, time flies.” Check it out below and you’ll see what I mean. It’s just amazing!

[vimeo video=”40448182″]