France Makes Abortion Free And Makes The USA Look Even More Archaic

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shutterstock_123416194__1365165785_70.118.110.28While we seem to be taking huge steps backwards in women’s access to safe, affordable abortion in this country, France is moving forward with landmark legislation that will make contraception free and reimburse all women for abortion procedures. Did you hear that? France is making abortion free.

From the Global Post:

As of April 1, the French state covers 100 percent of the costs for 100 percent of terminations.

Previously only girls under 18 could claim the full cost back from social security, while older women would receive between 70 and 80 percent.

The new provision, introduced as one of Socialist President François Hollande’s campaign promises in early 2012 and approved in October, is part of a drive to bolster women’s reproductive rights.

It’s nice to see a country taking a realistic approach to the huge problem of unwanted pregnancy – as opposed to our tactic in this country, which is basically a bunch of pro-lifers placing their hands over their ears saying na, na, na – I can’t hear you! There’s no such thing as an unwanted baby! Funny that these same people are usually the ones bitching about welfare mothers and children who don’t seem to have any parental guidance. If we spent more time and money educating people about contraception, and less time trying to make abortion illegal – guess what? There would be a lot fewer unwanted, poorly parented children in the world.

You have every right to have a moral objection to abortion, but if you don’t have any solutions – just shut the hell up and don’t get one yourself. Interestingly, those who are the most vocal opponents of abortion are usually the same people who want to defund organizations like Planned Parenthood – which provide education and contraception. Education and contraception reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies. Pretending that you can actually force human beings to abstain from having sex and that everyone is in awe of the miracle of life does not. The statistics prove this time and time again.

It would be great if every child that was conceived was wanted. Really – it would. It would also be great if money actually grew on trees and Twinkies were good for you. It’s just not reality. Women need access to safe and affordable contraception and abortion. Women need to have control over what happens in their own bodies. French Health Minister Marisol Touraine said, “the reform is designed to help remove the barriers that continue to prevent women exercising their ‘fundamental right’ to decide what happens to their bodies.”

I never considered myself a Francophile – but this legislation may just push me to become one.

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