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Fox News Doesn’t Think Frozen Portrayed Men In A Fair Light, WAHHHHHH‏

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Fox News just can’t stand to see a female triumph without the help of a male “hero”, even in a cartoon. This time, they have their fee-fees hurt over the portrayal of men in the Disney movie Frozen as “fools and villains.” Well, sometimes men are fools and villains. Just like sometimes, women are Ursulas and Evil Queens. Where was their indignation then? Oh wait, they are only worried about impressions made on our treasured young boys. Vomit.

The segment is very watch-worthy, which I may only be saying to lure you in so I’m not alone in my nausea. Go ahead and see it so we can talk:


Don’t you love how Steve Doocy (Douchey?) opens by pandering to Penny Nance (I’m sorry, but what is with these cartoonish names?) thanking her kids for “letting” her come on TV when she should be at home getting them ready for school? Oh, and also making sure to note that her job as mother is the Most Important Job. Eye roll. Sure, there is no chance that their father might be the one to get them ready for school. Nice start to this whole Lack of Male Role Models bitch session, right?

Moving on, can I just say, yuck? Nance states her worries that the men in the movie Frozen are not portrayed as “real men” and that they are seen in this film as “superfluous” and “foolish.” Is her organization, the Concerned Women For America, really worried about positive male role models in movies when the number of positive female role models in movies is still so alarmingly low? Why do they need to get their claws out and their pearls clutched the ONE time Disney goes against the grain and doesn’t make a happy marriage and a damsel being rescued by a man the ending of the movie? Frozen might not be a movie geared toward empowering boys but there is certainly no shortage of options to make sure our sons’ fragile self-images are preserved. I can think of so many movies portraying men as strong, smart, capable, heroic and moral. Most of the movies for kids, actually, feature this type of male character.

On the other side of that coin, I can think of so many children’s movies portraying women as stupid, helpless, greedy, evil or as the property of someone else. The idea that there aren’t enough positive male role models in kid’s movies is completely unfounded. And as Jezebel points out, Kristof from Frozen is a very positive male role model. I guess the Concerned Women For America are not satisfied unless all male characters are strong and good and all female characters are waiting in the wings for the menz to save them. Thanks, but no thanks.

(Image: Fox News/Media Matters)