Fox News Anchor Really Wants Kids To Know Santa And Jesus Are White

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128223789Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was so uncomfortable with the idea of a black Santa, she took the time to address children from her anchor chair to let them know Santa and Jesus are white, thank you very much.

Her and her panel of all white people were discussing Aisha Harris‘s recent piece in Slate, Santa Claus Should Not Be A White Man Anymore. She brings up the title of the article to her all-white panel of guests, chuckles and says:

Yet another person claiming it’s racist to have a white Santa. And by the way for all of you kids watching at home, Santa just is white, but this person is arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa. Santa is what he is.”

Just like a Fox anchor to take a nuanced article about the way the representation of Santa made a young woman feel left out and scream racism. Harris never mentions racism – she mentions inclusivity. She pitches the idea of a Santa penguin – a creature that would make kids of all backgrounds feel welcome. Kelly isn’t having it:

“You know, I’ve given her her due. Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change,” Kelly said. “Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that. How do you revise it in the middle of the legacy in the story and change Santa from white to black?”

One of her panelists adds that Santa Claus is actually based on St. Nicolas, a real Greek person – so he’s white. She says, “You can’t take facts and try to change them to fit some sort of political agenda.” Yes, making all kids feel included in the stories and celebrations of Christmas is definitely a political agenda.

Kelly, just because it makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it can’t change.

By the way – Jesus was black.

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