Four-Year-Old Praised For Using ‘F’ Word In Proper Context By Socialite Mother

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New York socialite Jill Kargman collected her then four-year-old daughter, Sadie,  from nursery school to learn that there had been an “incident” with another child. Sadie said “fuck you” to a little boy who called her dress “hideous.” Jill’s reaction, whether humorous or just out of embarrassment was, “At least she got the context of the word right!”

As you can imagine, the school cornered the mother wondering where a four-year-old would not only learn the word, but the correct usage.

Daily Mail reports that after considering several recommended sources for helping boys and girls get along, mother and daughter decided that they could create a better book:

‘[The school staff] made her feel like a bad parent, anything but a Tiger Mother, and had her second-guessing her own parenting skills.’

When presented with the usually recommended go-to book on how to get along with boys by the school, both mother and daughter found the story so lame they wrote their own.’

The result is Pirates and Princesses, which tells the story of two best friends who find themselves drifting apart in kindergarten due to gender. After Fletch “rescues” Princess Ivy from pirate capture, the two realize how much they miss playing together and decide to put their differences aside.

Considering that their reconciliation involves a little girl being “recused” by her male friend in a conventional, helpless princess storyline, I’m inclined to find that more problematic than a four-year-old swearing.