Four Girls Named Nguyen Put an End to an Annoying Question with the Best Yearbook Quote Ever

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For the past four years, high school students Alice, Kim, Theresa, and Vivian Nguyen have been having to tell people that they are not related. Nguyen is a very common name. According to MTV News, 40 percent of the residents of Vietnam are surnamed Nguyen, and they’re not related. But still these young women have been having to explain that to people probably every time the school had them line up alphabetically. That’d get a little bit annoying.

Well, now that they’re about to graduate, they decided to answer that question one last time in a way nobody will ever forget, with one really funny group yearbook quote:


(Via Imgur)

That’s pretty brilliant. It’s an excellent way to end their senior year on a mic drop, and the very idea of a group yearbook quote is pretty clever. Nobody is going to remember the Doctor Who quote above them, or the religious quote to their right, but everyone is going to remember the Nguyens and their terribly clever yearbook photo.

Unfortunately, this brilliant yearbook quote will probably not be the nail in the coffin of this particular question. Alice, Kim, Theresa, and Vivian will probably be going off to college where they will meet other young people named Nguyen, and random people will keep asking if they are related. This is one annoying question that just keeps giving. A lot of people with common surnames can probably sympathize.

In unrelated news, how much do you love Kim Nguyen’s hair? She looks so cool.