Foster Care 101: Tips For Successful Foster Parents

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Have a plan.

There was one question that I knew I had to ask, “How do you say goodbye?” It’s the question that I think terrifies most women about the thought of foster parenting. And it’s the answers that made me realize how truly inspiring and strong these couples were.

“You have to go into foster parenting with a plan,” one father tells me. “You need to think about how you can help this child for the time that they’re with you. Whether it’s the opportunity to show them a routine or to introduce them to Church. You’re trying to demonstrate what a family looks like to kids who might not have seen one. So with every child, you need to find a way to help them for as long as they’re in your care.”

One mom adds, “You take things one day at a time. There’s no telling how long a child will stay with you. Planning ahead is a lesson in futility. Take each day as it happens and do the best you can for these kids in that time.”

It’s a step-by-step approach for parents who have to constantly deal with the unstable timeline of their home.

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