Foster Care 101: Tips For Successful Foster Parents

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Know the type of care you’re willing to do.

Most states have short-term and long-term foster programs. “Though short-term fostering is a lot less talked about, it’s a great way for families to get used to the process,” says one foster mom who began in short-term and moved on to longer arrangements. Short-term care provides a home for a week or less to a child whose parent in currently in the hospital. If a single mom needs an operation, short-term foster care will allow her kids to stay with someone while she recuperates. “It’s a nice way to get used to having kids come into your home and then leave again,” the social worker adds.

Even better for the uninitiated, with short-term care, the parents are agreeing to have their kids placed in the program. These aren’t children who have been removed from their parents care. “You do with a lot less troubling situations,” the CPS agent confirmed.

But don’t think of this as “foster care prep.” It’s an important service for young kids who need help and you still have to be available morning, noon and night if a child is in trouble.

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