Internet Cool With Ex-NFL Cheerleader’s Rape Of Underage Teen, Because She’s a Hot Blonde

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Molly shattuck pictureA former NFL cheerleader, Molly Shattuck, has been charged with the rape of a fifteen-year-old boy, and predictably the the internet is focusing on her long flowing blonde hair and not the fact that she is a sexual predator.

According to Delaware State Police, Shattuck’s contact with the boy “began in the area in which they resided near Baltimore, Maryland, and culminated with Shattuck providing alcohol to minors and engaging in a sexual relationship with the 15-year-old male at a vacation rental home in Bethany Beach, Delaware, over Labor Day weekend,” Delaware State Police said.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the victim is a classmate of Shuttuck’s son. As a mother to two young boys myself, I cannot fathom how anyone could look at a child who is the same age as her own baby in a sexual manner. Excuse me for a second, I need to go vomit now.

Shattuck is 47 and a mother of three. She made media waves back in 2005 when she was chosen by the Baltimore Ravens to be the oldest ever NFL cheerleader at age 38. She cheered with the squad for two years.

News reports on this case have focused on Shattuck’s life after her cheer career ended. She’s started a divorce from her wealthy husband, founded a healthy living website, wrote a book, and she even recently appeared on the FOX reality show “Secret Millionaire.” I’m more concerned with the fact that she sexually assaulted a teenager, but hey, that’s just me.

Shuttack has been charged with two counts of third-degree rape, four counts of unlawful sexual contact in the second degree, and three counts of providing alcohol to a minor. She has posted and is out on $84,000 bond, which seems ridiculously low for someone facing up to 56 years in jail.

As usual whenever a conventionally attractive woman takes advantage of a teenage, people are minimizing the crime here and congratulating the victim on his sexual conquest. From the state police describing it the crime as “engaging in a sexual relationship” to random people on the internet offering to trade places with the victim, plenty of people think the rape of a teenager is no big deal.

These commentators from think the situation is hilarious:

wow comment

These two don’t care about the victim or his feelings, they just want to talk about how hot they think Shuttack is:


Jimmy thinks we are forgetting who the “real” victim is here.


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