Thousands Of German Kids Are Barfing Thanks To Worst Food-Borne Virus Ever

food-borne illnessQuite a few German parents have their hands full this week with an epidemic of diarrhea and vomiting. Some 6,500 kids and teenagers are sick thanks to what health authorities are assuming is a massive food-borne virus. And said virus managed to work its way all the way from schools to daycare centers. Cue pissed off parents banding together in anarchy.

Reuters reports that five of Germany’s 16 states have been affected by “acute gastroenteritis.” Cases first started rolling in on Tuesday of this week. Health officials so far have this lead on the food-borne illness:

“All the institutions which have registered cases of the illness so far are probably being provided by the same caterer,” wrote the Robert Koch Institute, which researches and advises the German health ministry on infectious diseases. “This suggests that it is an outbreak caused by food.”

German officials are now doing the best they can to contain the illness for the time being with a particular task force, but I foresee many an angry email coming straight to that caterer company. That and mass Facebook organization. Angry parental Facebook organization, that is.

(photo: blackdaliya/ Shutterstock)

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