Florida Mom Tries To Sell Her Son For $2000

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In what has become a truly disturbing trend, another mom was arrested for trying to sell off her parental rights. Jessica Marie Beers offered up for five-year-old son to a couple from her church for $2000. Beers reportedly has a drug habit that she was trying to provide for.

As opposed to the mother who recently tried to schill her infant at Taco Bell or the Australian mom who put her kids on eBay, Beers actually knew the people that she wanted to give her son to. James Gardner and his wife met the accused at church and tried to help her and her young son. They even allowed the young family to move in with them and gave them some money for food and expenses. When they realized that Beers was using the money for drugs, they must have cut the 28-year-old mother off. So she offered to sell her son to the Gardner’s once and for all, which is when the couple notified the police.

In this type of horrible situation, I can’t imagine how the Gardners must have felt. After caring for and living with the little boy, one would have to imagine that they have an emotional investment in his well-being. Personally, if I saw a chance to save a little boy from a difficult life with a careless addict of a mother, I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have forked over the $2000 and prayed that she never returned. Of course then, the little boy would never legally be their son. And if they didn’t actually want children of their own, it would be hard to simply turn the woman away, for fear of who she would offer her little one to next.

Watching a child go through a terrible experience with irresponsible and selfish parents is truly heart-wrenching. The worst part is that there’s so little an outsider can do to help. Turning the neglectful and abusive over to the authorities is really the only option available. All we can do is hope for the best for the poor children caught in the middle of these messes.