Florida Man Thought He Was Driving His Daughter to a Job Interview at a Bank, Then She Robbed It

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(Via Broward County Sheriff’s Department)

This week in Florida news, a father there says he thought he was driving his daughter to a job interview at a bank, but then she went in and robbed it.

According to The Independent, 24-year-old Chelsea Wilson’s father told the FBI that his daughter had asked him to drive her to a job interview at a TD Bank branch. He dropped her off, she went in, and then later she allegedly came sprinting out of the bank with $300 that she hadn’t had when she walked in.

Police say that Wilson went into the bank and slipped a teller a note that read: “You have exactly one minute to give me all your $50 and $100 bills from both drawers or I will shoot you! No dye packs, no alarms follow these instructions and no one will get hurt, act normal.”

She reportedly got about $300 out of the heist, and police say that Wilson had robbed four other banks in exactly the same way. Police haven’t said who was driving her getaway car on those trips, though.

Her father told investigators that he just thought she’d gotten the job, and that they’d given her the money as an advance on her salary.

If that’s actually true, Wilson’s father must be the most gullible, naive father the world has ever seen. Who comes sprinting out of a job interview with a handful of cash? Even if that didn’t raise suspicions, it’s a little odd that he didn’t think it was weird that blonde Chelsea Wilson was wearing a red wig, hat, and sunglasses when she went into the bank. True, millennials tend to be a bit more casual with interview clothes than their parents, but wouldn’t he have asked, “Hey honey, why are you wearing a wig to a job interview?”

Still, her father maintains that he had no idea she had robbed the bank until police showed up at their home on Thursday. Wilson allegedly told investigators that she’d committed the crime and four others just like it, and that she’d used the money for groceries.

Wilson was arrested and will remain in jail at least until a hearing next Wednesday. Police have not arrested her father for anything.