Already Creepy Teacher Allegedly Has Sex With A 17-Year-Old In An Incident That Could Have Been Avoided

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fl teacher arrested on sex chargesProbably the only thing worse about having a teacher prey sexually upon one of her underage students is knowing that it might have been avoided altogether. That’s exactly what’s come to light in the case of Jennifer Fichter, the teacher that was arrested last week for having sex with a 17-year-old student. She will likely face charges in three counties in Florida; Orange County, Polk, and Hillsborough on various counts of “unlawful sexual activity with a minor” which should just about cover the 20 or 30 times that she admitted to having sex with her student in the back of her pickup truck.

As disturbing and horrifying as that is on its own, new documents have come to light recently of an investigation of Fichter’s behavior at an Orange County middle school in 2008, where she was obsessed with an even younger boy.

So essentially, six years ago this woman was being investigated for perving on a 14-year-old boy, the records are public, and yet somehow she was able to obtain a new teaching job in Polk County. Of course, in the records, she isn’t shown to be doing anything as disgusting and illegal as having sex with a 17-year-old in a pickup truck, but a quick look at what she was being investigated for should throw up a few red flags.

In regards to the 14-year-old boy, Fichter reportedly told another teacher that:

“He makes me melt into a puddle with those eyes.”

She also apparently dreamed about him, saying:

“Oh my goodness, it was a goooood dream!”

Apparently, she also wanted to “smash” him, “loved” him, and claimed that the student’s girlfriend was jealous of her.

Let’s all let this sink in for a moment. This is a 14-year-old boy that Fichter is referring to. I can’t imagine how messed up you have to be to sexualize a child of that or any age. And yes, while being a perverted creeper and dreaming about barely pubescent boys isn’t exactly illegal, a quick look at these documents might have prevented the illegal things she did end up doing at her new teaching post.

This entire story squicks me out pretty bad, but what’s especially alarming is that this woman was deluded enough to imagine that she could be in love with a 14-year-old, that delusion was investigated and made public, and either no one looked at it or no one cared when she was hired in Orange County.

Your kids should be able to be safe at school. Kids in middle and high school are basically just a blur of hormonally charged mortification factories, but they are still kids. They aren’t capable of grown-up relationships with adult teachers who abuse their position of authority to carry on “affairs”, a word that I find vastly inappropriate to describe what this teacher did in both situations.

(Image: Polk County Sheriff’s Office)