Five Things You Should Be Thankful For If You’re Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

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family thanksgiving dinner

If you’re heading into the kitchen tomorrow for the big Turkey Day, God’s speed. I’ve been there, and stressing over the exact temperature of a pie while second guessing yourself on exactly how much broth you put into the stuffing can be very daunting — not to mention all those people waiting in the next room to taste your dishes. You may have help but you may not, and no matter how many little or big hands you have on deck the truth is that you’re the one steering this ship. Food aside, maintaining the slow cook of a turkey with the stress of keeping children clean and occupied, relatives appeased, and fights to a minimum means that any host or hostess has a lot to contend with.

So for everyone who will have their hands at the wheel this holiday season, here are some things you should be thankful for while everyone is getting hammered in the next room.


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