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Have Baby, Will Exercise : There Is No Magic Bullet For Fitness

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havebabyfinal4__1424973727_142.196.167.223Deep down we all know the way to a healthy body is through diet and exercise. But eating well and moving often is tough, which is why Americans spend over 60 billion dollars each year in an effort to lose weight. Just in case you find yourself ready to pick up the phone the next time you’re watching infomercials, I tried and reviewed some popular weight loss quick fixes. Here are the results.

Waist Trimmer

waist trimmer

Note- not my body.


The claim: Wrap this cloth covered piece of rubber around your mid-section and you’ll lose stomach fat. Waist trimmers all have similar marketing claims, like this one from Amazon:

Start today and Get Results shedding inches from your waistline with the weight loss belt that burns stubborn belly fat. Strengthen, trim & tone while surrounding sore muscles with natural body generated moist heat; important for muscle recovery!

The process: My mom gave me a waist trimmer shortly after I had my twins, and while I used it successfully in the first couple months postpartum to help give my aching lower back support, I never tried it as a weight loss tool until now. I measured my waist and hips before donning the trimmer, then put it on under my shirt before heading off to a very sweaty hour of cardio dance.

The result: Any trainer worth their certification will tell you that you can’t spot reduce fat, but if you really don’t believe them, try a waist trainer and see for yourself. My waist measurement was exactly the same after class and while my hip measurement did decrease by half and inch, by the following morning it was back to the starting measurement. My weight post class was actually two pounds heavier than it was before class, most likely because I was drinking water and using my muscles. Fail.

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