Thanks to This Pregnancy-Detecting App, Your iPhone Will Know You Are Pregnant Before You Do

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FirstResponseThe first time I heard about fancy digital pregnancy tests that wrote out “pregnant” or “not pregnant,” I thought they were ridiculous. Why would someone spend that much money when a $3 test exists and just shows you a pink line or no pink line. Is “Pregnant” really that much of a value add over a pink line?

Well, then I spent days angling pregnancy tests in different lights and saying, “Is this pink? What does ‘pink’ look like? Is there a line? What even is a ‘line’ anyway? Am I pregnant, or experiencing visual hallucinations? Are visual hallucinations a sign of pregnancy?” So yeah, that wildly expensive test that says “pregnant” was worth it for me. That seemed pretty high-tech at the time, but now there is actually an iPhone app that can tell if you’re pregnant.

According to Marie Claire, First Response released its new Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, and it does not even require you to pee on your phone. You just have to put the app on your phone, then pee on a stick that looks just like an ordinary pregnancy test. Once the test detects that it has been peed upon, it activates the app, which opens and starts a 3-minute countdown.

The app even realizes that three minutes seems like a loooooooong time while you’re waiting for a pregnancy test, and it gives you three options: Calm Me, Educate Me, and Entertain Me, which either offer educational information about fertility, or just show cute puppy videos.

After the three-minute countdown is over, you input a secret code to get your results. The tests reportedly cost between $14 and $20 apiece, which is a lot for a pregnancy test, but the app does sound useful, especially since it also lets you store test results, and helps track fertility so a user who is trying to get pregnant can figure out when she is most fertile.

Seriously, this thing sounds like it would be worth it even if it was just a three-minute timer that played puppy videos to calm you down. The fact that it is actually a functional pregnancy test just makes it better.