Czech Mommy Does The Honor Of Birthing Her Country’s First Quintuplets Without A Hint Of IVF

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five puppiesAlexandra Kinova has now assumed a special place in the history of the Czech Republic. Without so much as a smidgen of IVF, the 23-year-old has given her country their first ever bunch of quintuplets.

Alexandra gave birth to fours boys and a single girl via c-section — a birth that went off without a hitch, according to Prague’s Institute for the Care of Mother and Child. The quintuplets have been named Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin. The girl will go by Terezka. Despite no complications, all babies and mommy have been placed in the ICU. Everyone is reported to be in “good condition.”

The BBC seemingly brags that the first quintuplets to be born on Czech Republic soil were conceived “naturally” — as in no IVF.

Alexandra reportedly hails from a town outside Prague called Milovice. And these quints are not her first go round at motherhood, more like her second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. The mother has a son.

For awhile, it looked like Alexandra was having twins, but then doctors kept counting more fetuses. In March, she was reportedly told that she was expecting quadruplets. Then in April, they said JK, it’s actually five.

Papa Antonin Kroscen almost didn’t make his partner’s labor because of those blasted delayed trains. Reports describe him as crying all the way to the hospital because daddy was afraid he would not be able to witness those five babies being born.

His official quote on fatherhood to quints is:

 “They are beautiful but they look quite alike.”

Time to invest in multi-colored Post-Its!

(photo: WilleeCole / Shutterstock)