What It’s Like Finding Out You’re Having Twins At 20 Weeks Pregnant

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4. Panic

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Oh my god. Oh my god, we need to buy another crib, and more clothes, and – and how many diapers should we buy? All of them?? Should we buy all of the diapers? And twins come early a lot of the time, don’t they? We should have the nursery ready to go ASAP. Is tomorrow soon enough? What if I go into labor before then?!

5. Satiation


Suddenly, my right-on-track weight gain was nowhere near enough. When your stomach is crushed to the size of a walnut, good luck getting enough calories per day from zucchini and quinoa. I remember actually lying on the couch crying as I tried to fit in a few more bites of ice cream. Ice cream is supposed to be the solution to tears, not the cause of them.

6. Smugness


Okay, sure, finding out about twins halfway through a pregnancy means less time to prepare, to shop, and to pre-plan matching Halloween costumes. But much more importantly, it also means half as much time to worry. And besides: who doesn’t love a two-for-one deal?

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