I Don’t Want To Write Depressing Things So Here’s A Cute Video Of Babies Eating Food

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orangeAfter sifting through pages and pages of depressing news, I realized I don’t want to spend my Mother’s Day writing about a woman getting robbed and having her mother’s ashes stolen, or how the victims of the Texas explosion may have to pay property taxes on their destroyed homes. It’s freaking Mother’s Day, so instead of Scrooging all over the interwebs I’m going to be uncharacteristically sentimental and share this adorable video I found on It’s by Matt Gilmour and it’s called “The First Taste.” The film documents babies’ and children’s first reactions to new foods — specifically super salty, sour and bitter foods — in tremendously slow motion, set to some lovely instrumental music.


I wish I’d documented my daughter’s first taste of different foods. I knew she’d make the classic lemon face and probably go insane over her first birthday cake (she didn’t go as insane as I expected, so that was kind of disappointing). But the one that really surprised me was her reaction to ice cream.

I offered her the tiniest smidgen of (I think it was coffee flavored? Oh well, if she’s going to exist in this family she’ll have to be a coffee drinker) ice cream when she was about one year old. When it first touched her lips, the cold must have shocked her, because she made a “what have you DONNNNE to me?!” face, an expression like she was witnessing a murder. Then, it changed to one of calculated interest — then the biggest smile. Did my husband and I care that it was nearly eleven at night? Nope. We kept giving her little bites just so we could see that face again. And it continued playing out like that, murder face, thinking face, happy face. Every time.

Another one was kimchi: We handed her a piece of the pickled Korean cabbage just to see what she would do. Of course she put it in her mouth, because that’s what babies do with all objects, but almost immediately she dug it out with her little fingers and attempted to hide it. Sweet thing, she didn’t want to hurt our feelings.

Here’s a clip of these sweet babies eating food:

[youtube_iframe id=”eNdot9X6BAA”]