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Any Smart Husband Knows Not To Veto A Pregnant Woman’s Baby Name List

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Every husband knows that pregnancy is a time to tread lightly. I’m not saying this in a “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy” cliché kind of way because I hate that bullshit saying. I’m just saying that any husband with half a brain knows that pregnant women are irrational and emotional and difficult to please. This is probably a scientific fact, and it describes me perfectly in both of my pregnancies.

I’m lucky that my husband and I both have an easy-going side, so we normally don’t have a hard time making major decisions. If one person feels strongly, then the other is normally cool with it. It’s very rare that both of us feel passionate about the same issue and decide to butt heads over it.

When it came to baby naming, the task was easy. I had a few boy and girl names that I absolutely loved. My husband wasn’t very picky about baby names, except for what he called his “white trash” test. He has great radar for white trash names, as we’ve both grown up in South Texas, and he was staunchly against any redneck names in our family tree.

He told me if a baby name fit in the following sentence, then I wasn’t allowed to use it:

“________, put down that tater tot and stop hitting your brother with the garden hose!”

So that nixed some of my favorite, so-called white trash names, like Cassidy, Cayden, and anything ending in “ee.” But otherwise, my husband was pretty chill and open-minded about the whole ordeal. Not like this disagreeable husband I found on a BabyCenter birth board:

I have 2 names that I really love and he shoots them down without a second thought. I finally got him to say “maybe” to my favorite one last night and I was so excited! Well today I get a text from him while he was at work telling me that a make coworker of his doesn’t like either name so now he doesn’t either!

If you ask me, this guy is just begging for trouble. It’s really hard to choose a baby name because it’s something your kid will go by for the rest of their life. That puts quite a bit of pressure on your final decision. I’m just glad I didn’t have to deal with the Veto King as I tried to narrow down my top names list. As long as the name wasn’t white trash or stripper-esque, my husband was on board.

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