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It’s Insane That Texas Highschooler’s Miscarriage Was Treated Like A Crime Scene

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I’m astounded that so much attention was diverted from what the police in Dallas might have otherwise been doing in the city to a second-story bathroom in a high school over what is very possibly a spontaneous miscarriage.

The entire fiasco is surely making it clear to other girls that if they do get pregnant and miscarry, they’d better do a much better job of making sure that no one ever, EVER finds out. Otherwise a great deal of humiliation and potentially prosecution awaits them.

An update to this report by MyFox DFW said:

A fetus that was discovered Friday afternoon at an East Dallas high school was the result of a miscarriage, a spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department said Tuesday.
Police have “spoken to all involved,” and the incident isn’t considered a criminal case, the spokesperson said.

Again, this doesn’t really surprise me. No matter what people may think of “kids these days” all of the immediate suspicion that something nefarious and malicious went down turned out to be unfounded.

I feel for the mother of this fetus. She probably carried the pregnancy in secret, miscarried alone, and then lived in fear as everyone tried to find her, all while tossing words like “crime scene” and “suspect” around. Is it any wonder she didn’t come forward?

This entire business is ridiculous. A pregnant teenager is a serious thing, and so is a miscarriage. But neither is a crime. How is it that you have to practically beg the police to investigate a rape, but they’ll divert a fucking helicopter to your location if there’s even the slightest hint that a pregnancy wasn’t carried all the way to term?

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