Former OBGYN Says We Should Ban Late-Term Abortion Because Fetuses Masturbate

sonogramWell, this is definitely a new tidbit in the “fetuses feel pain” abortion conversation. Fetuses “feel pleasure,” according to Michael Burgess, a former OBGYN who is also a member of the GOP Doctors Caucus. And therefore, that’s a reason to ban late-term abortion after 22 weeks. Expecting moms, this is why you have trouble sleeping at night. Too much self-love in the womb.

Burgess, a Republican from Texas, said yesterday that fetuses masturbate as early as 15 weeks. He adds that “movements that are purposeful” can be seen early on in the second trimester:

”Watch a sonogram of a 15-week baby,” Burgess said. “They stroke their face. If they’re a male baby, they may have their hand between their legs. If they feel pleasure, why is it so hard to believe that they could feel pain?”

So lady babies don’t masturbate, I take it?

Burgess made this claim at the House Rules Committee, where he and others were reportedly hashing out Rep. Trent Franks‘s abortion bill. Said legislation would ban “nearly all” abortions after 22 weeks based on the concern for fetal pain. Mr. Fetal Masturbation has been met with some push back on this:

Franks was opposed last year by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), which said fetal pain is unlikely before the third trimester, or 27 weeks of pregnancy. Limited published evidence of what appears to be fetal masturbation has noted its occurrence at 32 weeks gestation, in the third trimester.

So, to be clear, fetus whacking off might actually be a thing.

(photo: Vira Mylyan-Monastyrska / Shutterstock)

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