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27 Perfect, Sweet, And Feminine-Sounding Baby Names

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A favored daughter’s name among the rich and famous, Both Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and Rockstar Pink and hubby Carey Hart have taken a liking to it for their girls. The name is admired in the US and even more in demand in the UK. hints why the surname is sought after by many, “Willow trees are noted for their flexibility and graceful appearance, hence the adjective willowy, which means “gracefully slender and lithe,” qualities seen as desirable feminine attributes.


This Scottish name conjures up images of chilling out on a quiet island, enjoying the breeze and taking in the breathtaking views. Oddly enough, Isla is an island-inspired name. Most days, you don’t run into an Isla like a Samantha, Loren or Emily which makes it more in demand for all free-spirited girls.

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