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27 Perfect, Sweet, And Feminine-Sounding Baby Names

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Phoebe the piano player. Phoebe the painter. Phoebe for president! Phoebe sounds magical no matter where it falls because in any given situation the name has a knack for eliciting positive energy all around. The meaning behind the name is a bright and shining one. Given the fun and comical appeal associated with the character Phoebe Buffay from the sitcom, Friends, everyone will want to be her pal.


Most are familiar with this name spelled as M-A-Y-A, but new parents might want to get used to this new spelling on Nameberry’s top 100 names for girls and boys. It ranks #37 for 2019. It’s considered a Greek mythological feminine name and the month of May is named after her. Imagine having a month, day or week after you. Sounds like a huge honor.

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