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27 Perfect, Sweet, And Feminine-Sounding Baby Names

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Since 2000, the name Chloe has appeared in the top 40 of most popular baby names on the official Social Security Website. The biblical meaning of the name stands for blooming or green shoot. This eco-friendly description explains why it remains so fresh as one of the hottest baby names out there. Plus, there is no denying the softened sweet sound of it embodies the natural free spirit of the female who occupies it.


This name doesn’t even rank in must-have birth names to consider, which is shocking once you learn its meaning. Ashling is of Irish origin and means “Dream, Vision.” Who wouldn’t want this name? Besides the cool factor that this beautiful meaning isn’t spoken about frequently, it could be a great alternative for showcasing your daughter’s evolution of uniqueness, individuality, and femininity. If you want to be considered a trendsetting hipster, Ashling could score your kid originality and most creative on playdates.

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