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27 Perfect, Sweet, And Feminine-Sounding Baby Names

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A Greek name for “helper” or “defender” describes the essence of the beholder of this name. Although it can be considered a unisex name it is more commonly used as a feminine one in the US. Its French form is referred to as Alexia, Allesia in Italian and Alejo in Spanish. Regardless of the dialect, its harmonic tune remains universal.


Just so there is absolutely no confusion between all cultures – naming your baby Bella does not mean she will fall in love with a blood-sucking vampire like the protagonist Bella in the hit cult-flick Twilight. Bella in the past used to be attached to other well-known names such as Isabella and Anabella. However, in today’s world, it has proven to withstand on its own – which is no surprise when “beautiful” is the meaning behind it.

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