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27 Perfect, Sweet, And Feminine-Sounding Baby Names

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According to Sophia is the fourth most popular girl’s name in 2019.  It means “wisdom” in Greek. As for beauty, there is nothing more attractive than a woman’s intelligence. It’s been a favored go-to girly name on baby naming lists and by the sound of its simple yet poetic pronunciation, this sweet tune won’t drop in reputation anytime soon. Looking to accompany her name with a charming nickname, Sophie or Saffi sound just as appealing.


This feminine fashionable name claims the number three spot on Nameberry’s Top 5 baby names for girls. It’s a Shakespearean name derived from the Latin meaning “olive tree” and was coined by the English poet in his 16th-century play “Twelfth Night”. Whether parents are fans of Shakespeare or not, the name Olivia has instant star power. Many fictional characters and real-life celebrities share the hit name like Scandal’s lead role, Olivia Pope or actress Olivia Wilde. Shorter but no lesser fancy ways of referring to this vintage name are Liv, Livi, and Oli.

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