Amazing Young Women Spread The Best Halloween Message, Ever

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Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 5.06.16 PMHalloween is tomorrow, and I’m sure everyone is sick of the whole sexy-costume debate. Frankly, I am too – but I do have to admit that I haven’t spent enough time thinking about the message we are sending to our teenage girls – probably just because I am not one and my kids are still really, really young.

I have thought about these skimpy costumes only in the way in which they personally effect me. I’m an adult. After years of struggling with eating disorders I have finally come to a place where I accept my body the way it is. After a lifetime of catcalls I also feel very equipped to handle the sometimes unwelcome attention of men. After decades of identifying as a feminist – I understand that the over-sexifying everything “for women” is bullshit.

I’m well into “middle age” and a small group of teenage girls gave me the chills today when I watched a video of their performance at the Brave New Voices Grand Slam Finals 2013 round 4 in Washington, D.C. They broke down what is really wrong with overtly sexualizing Halloween costumes for women in an amazing performance that I really would not do any justice describing. You just have to watch it.

Hannah Halpern, Amina Iro, Reina Privado, and Asha Gardner, if the future is filled with women like you – it is bright indeed.

(photo: YouTube)