20 Female Icon Celebrities Little Kids Can Look Up Too

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Image: DFree / Shutterstock.com

Beyonce — This uber-famous music artist is an entertainer, actress, mother, and philanthropist. When she’s not getting people off their feet with her chart-topping music, she’s supporting humanitarian efforts, women’sights, and the LGBT community. She donated $7 million to a Houston charity to provide “shelter, counseling, food, and health care for the homeless.

She’s also founded various organizations to incite change including: the Survivor Foundation, (which she co-founded with her mother, sister, and cousin – Tina, Solange Knowles, and Kelly Rowland) to help victims of Hurricane Katrina; Chime for Change: a global campaign to raise money and promote awareness for girls and women around the world, and the BeyGOOD initiative which established a scholarship program called the Formation Scholars awards and it supports young women pursuing studies in literature, black studies, arts, and music at Black colleges. Beyonce also worked with her husband, Jay Z, to create the Shawn Carter Foundation, to provide higher education opportunities for underprivileged youth.

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