20 Female Icon Celebrities Little Kids Can Look Up Too

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Amanda Stenberg

Amanda Stenberg

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Amanda Stenberg blew us away in Hunger Games alongside acting powerhouse Jennifer Lawrence. When her character, the youngest and one of the only African-American characters in the movie series was murdered, it struck a cord with audiences everywhere — especially within the Black community. It was a reminder of the senseless deaths that often plague the African-American communities, and from then on, when Amanda spoke people listened. Her acting skills continued to resonate with her audience as she moved on to socially relevant films like The Hate You Give and Where Hands Touch.

Amanda is also an advocate for women and children’s rights, LGBT empowerment, and the BlackLivesMatter movement. She also encourages girls to pursue STEM classes while in school in order to increase the number of women in fields like engineering, technology, and science. In 2016, she came out as a gay woman, so Amanda promotes women (especially black women) to embrace their identity and individuality. Many fans and film critics refer to her as the voice of our generation.

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