Fellow #Basic Moms, Rejoice: Starbucks Delivery Could Soon Be Coming To A City Near You

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Starbucks Coffee Emerges As Largest Food Chain in ManhattanFellow #basic moms of the world, great news–at least if you live in Seattle. In a few months, getting your grubby little hands on a delicious pumpkin spice latte will no longer require wrestling your children into the car or stroller to get them to Starbucks. The company is teaming up with a delivery group called Postmates to bring coffeepot-to-door service into reality.

According to The Verge, the Starbucks/Postmates joint venture is a pilot program launching only in the Seattle area sometime later this year, with plans to expand to other cities if the initial launch does well. (Dear Starbucks: if you need test subjects, I live in a city, and I am willing to have coffee delivered to me. I can time delivery turnaround, I have a candy thermometer to measure the temperature of a latte upon arrival–I’m here for you. Just putting that out there.)

The delivery option will be offered via the Starbucks app (the same one you can also use to pay with in stores), and the list of reasons this new service should appeal to my fellow #basic moms out there is as limitless as the caffeine buzz I will be on if this option ever arrives in my hometown:

* You’d no longer even have to change from pajama pants into yoga pants to get a Starbucks fix. (Downside: your butt looks great in yoga pants.)

* You can skip the ten-minute hunt for the kids’ shoes before being able to get out the door. (There’s always ONE missing. ALWAYS.)

* Moms who work outside of the home, you no longer have to choose between ducking out of the office for a needed caffeine boost and being able to leave on time at the end of the day to make dinner for your husbands who are inexplicably challenged by the process of assembling a meatloaf. (I guess this is only helpful to working moms who are married to sitcom characters.)

* You don’t have to bribe the kids with cake pops to get them to sit still long enough for your drink to be made.

* No more dirty looks from other Starbucks patrons who think kids should be seen and not heard. Or who think that kids should not be seen, heard, or permitted to occupy time and/or space.

* And perhaps best of all, you can skip having a stilted, forced conversation about race issues with your server.

This is making me want Starbucks really badly right now, which is saying something because the last thing I ordered there was a tiramisu latte, and well, I’m not sure what I expected since tiramisu is just coffee-flavored cake–you can’t exactly go back up to the barista and say, “Excuse me, this coffee tastes like itself, and that just won’t do.” But the Starbucks menu is vast, and so is my willingness to offer second chances if it means having the occasional cup of overpriced coffee delivered to my doorstep.

(Image: Mario Tama / Staff / Getty)