Feel Good Disney Timothy Green Movie Leaves These Kids Feeling Not So Good

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green opened on Friday, and these young critics were less than charmed by the story of a childless couple who find a young boy in their backyard after planting a box full of wishes that they would want for a child.

This video is one GIANT SPOILER ALERT, so proceed at your own risk.
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My favorite quote? “It will make you tear your eyes out!”

I can’t remember my kids ever having such a negative reaction to a movie before. Sure, they have seen movies that they found “sad” but never enough to make them freak out and cry. I’m a lot worse when it comes to sobbing during kid’s movies. This is just as bad as Bambi’s mom . Or Mufasa from The Lion King. Or Dumbo’s mom being chained in a cage.

The childless couple in the movie, played by Joel Edgeron and Jennifer Garner, are sad before Timothy Green comes to life in their garden.

From Variety:

Having invested a small fortune in medical solutions, they finally decide to give up on parenthood but spend one last evening imagining what their perfect child might be: “honest to a fault,” “Picasso with a pencil,” “score the winning goal” and so on.

Oh Disney! Everyone knows you can’t wish babies into existence! That just doesn’t work. But I guess that is why this is a Disney movie, where dreams come true and people live happily ever after and children grow from hopes and wishes. Reading the reviews, I’m not sure my kids would be crazy about a mawkish melodrama with a real bummer ending. I hope the boys in the above do more movie reviews, I think they just saved me $50 on movie tickets!

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