20 Feel Good Songs That Will Pick You Up Out of Any Funk

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When Gwen was good and not, ya know, doing whatever she’s going with The Sexiest Mayo Man Alive.

Ooooooooh, that’s my shit, that’s my shit. Hell yeah, this is the shit. Listen loud, stomp along. There was something so fresh about Gwen Stefani when she hit with her first solo album. Yes, she was a bad-ass when she was the front woman for No Doubt. But her sound, her style, her songs were new and fresh and fun! This video has a marching band, for crying out loud. What’s not feel good about a marching band?! I miss this Gwen. I would really like if this Gwen came back. But for now, at least we have these songs, which are (you knew it was coming) B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 

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