Kate Winslet Is Slammed By Fathers’ Rights Group For Vogue Statements And Rightfully Threatens To Sue

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fathers' rights group slams kate winslet


Kate Winslet is being attacked by a UK-based father’s rights group for some remarks she made in November’s issue of Vogue, and she’s understandably angered, and threatening to sue.

fathers' rights group slams kate winslet


During the Vogue interview in question, Winslet took on people who have criticized her parenting, due to the fact that she has three kids with separate partners. Because no matter how rich, talented and famous you are, if you have a vagina you better keep that shit in check. Winslet has a 13-year-old with director Jim Threapleton, a 10-year-old with director Sam Mendes, and a newborn baby boy with husband Ned Rocknroll (who has the coolest name ever). Three kids with three men = SLUT, amirite? (Obvious sarcasm is obvious). Winslet told Vogue:

“People go, ‘Oh, my God! Those poor children! They must have gone through so much.’ Says who? They’ve always been with me. They don’t go from pillar to post; they’re not flown here and there with nannies. That’s never happened. My kids don’t go back and forth; none of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads – my children live with me; that is it. That is it!”

Father4Justice, the aforementioned father’s rights group has taken offense to her sentiments. Enough so that they used Winslet’s likeness in a Christmas advertisement aimed to support a father’s right to see their children during the holidays. According to A F4J representative:

“We are running this advert as part of a campaign to highlight the sensitive issue of four million children waking up on Christmas Day without their father. It is clear from what Kate says that she does not support ‘shared parenting.’”

Here’s the thing. It’s NOT clear from the interview how she feels about shared parenting. These aren’t regular, work a day people. These are high powered Hollywood types who spend weeks or even months in set. I am a firm supporter of a father’s rights. I was raised by my dad, and I have written numerous times about how I feel a father should have more representation in court and more access to his children. But going about it this was is disingenuous at best, and outright bullshit at worst. Even Winslet’s ex-husband is supporting her, stating that while he supports fathers’ rights, the group know nothing of their family’s “personal circumstances.”

I think it’s telling that this same group has used numerous famous actresses’ photos in their ridiculous campaign, including Katie Holmes, Halle Berry  and Kim Basinger. If you feel you have to resort to grandstanding to make your point, perhaps you need to rethink your point all together. Attacking women, whose lives you have no idea about, is no way to fight for a father’s rights.