Pressure Much? Father Abandons Daughter Over Bad Grades

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bad fatherWhen I was practically failing high school math, my parents got me a tutor. And, let me tell you, that was punishment enough! Not so for Tuan Huynh, a suburban Philly dad who abandoned his 16-year-old daughter because of a poor grade in calculus. That’s right, this man decided it would be a good idea to drive his child to a faraway shopping mall – one she had never been to before – and leave her there to fend for herself. (He first told her to pack a bag since she wouldn’t be coming home.)

Okay, so this girl is 16, not 6, which is a good thing. But it’s still a ridiculous punishment – and just a really mean thing to do. I’ve read various reports saying this girl is very quiet and serious, and that she feared she would never see her family again.

Apparently she had no cellphone, and her backpack contained just a blanket and some clothes (I’m assuming this means she had no money, either). Honestly, my heart just breaks for her. Sure, most 16-year-olds can manage on their own in a mall (as they should), but I just find it sad that this particular girl felt so alone and panic-stricken. I mean, what was her father thinking?!

Anyway, she ended up wandering around, asking strangers for a place to stay until a minister took pity on her and called police. Huynh has since been charged with child endangerment and sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service. He’s also been ordered to attend parenting classes prior to moving back in to the family home. (Uh, yeah, I’d say he could use a parenting class or two.)