Father, Son Arrested For Harrassing Sarah Palin’s Family

Here’s the odd parenting story of the day. A Pennsylvania dad and his 19-year-old son were arrested yesterday because they made harassing phone calls to Sarah Palin’s family even after she’d put a restraining order on the two men.

Craig Christy and Shawn Christy were arrested a day after they were charged in a federal indictment with making the phone calls earlier this month.

Reuters reports:

An Alaska state court had issued a restraining order against Shawn Christy in September 2010, ordering him to have no contact with Palin. In May, a court renewed that and issued a similar order against his father, Craig.

Shawn Christy has previously admitted in court to having threatened to rape Palin, sending her numerous e-mails and gifts, and traveling to Anchorage earlier this year.

Craig Christy admitted to making more than two dozen early morning phone calls to Palin’s parents over a two-day period in March. State Superior Court magistrate Jonathon Lack said earlier this year that he found the telephone calls to Palin’s parents, some of which were recorded, to be “very disturbing.”

But the story somehow gets even weirder. The son was previously investigated by the Secret Service for allegedly making threats against President Obama and Senator John McCain. We also learn that the son has emotional problems stemming from the Lyme disease his mother had when she was pregnant with him. OK, sure. But how to explain the dad making these threats, then?

Lyme disease seems like less of a problem than horrific parenting.

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