This Dad Let His 4-Year-Old Daughter Give Him a Real Tattoo, and It’s Actually Pretty Awesome


A lot of people get tattoos to commemorate big life experiences, and there are few experiences in life quite as big as becoming a parent. Naturally, that means the world is full of parents who want to commemorate their children with tattoos. That is lovely and makes perfect sense. One’s child is, of course, an exception to the “never have anybody’s name tattooed on you” rule. Unfortunately, just because one’s feelings and experiences are beautiful does not necessarily mean that one’s artistic commemoration will be. There are a lot of bad tattoo artists out there creating some very ugly or creepy-looking tattoos. But Brad Bellomo has a tattoo actually drawn by his 4-year-old daughter, and it is completely adorable.

According to SheKnows, Bellomo goes by Bob-Tat and is the owner of 3rd Eye Tattoo in Rocks Beach, Florida, and he is now sporting real, permanent ink drawn by his 4-year-old daughter, Chloe. She drew a little strawberry on his arm, and it is definitely not the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen. It’s actually pretty darn cute.

Bellomo posted a photo of Chloe applying his strawberry and said that while it was her first real tattoo, it was not her first time handling the tattoo gun. Previously he had her practice with a tattoo gun with no ink or needle in it, just to make sure she could handle the weight and movement of the tattoo gun. She handled it like a pro, so this week he loaded up the ink and needles and let her do it for real.

“Today was her first real Tattoo!!! A lil wobbly but she did great and it’s still cute… Keep in mind she just turned 4 end of August!” he crowed proudly.

Getting a tattoo from one’s child is sweet, but obviously not for everybody. I am not going to be allowing my small child to tattoo me, but Chloe’s handsome father is already covered in tattoos, so there’s no harm adding one more while he still has the space for it.

Bellomo posted the photo to his Facebook page, and most of the comments have been overwhelmingly positive. One person, however, accused him of child abuse, which does not make any kind of sense unless maybe the reader got confused and thought the tattoo was going on Chloe, not on her father. (Chloe remains untattooed, of course.) Someone also reported the photo to Facebook for “graphic violence,” which is also ridiculous.

It takes a lot of faith to let a small child draw something on your skin that will stay there forever, but Bellomo’s new tattoo is incredibly sweet. If Chloe decides she wants to follow in her dad’s footsteps someday, she’s already off to a pretty good start.

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