Father Jumps Off Of A Cliff To Save Falling Son

In a truly heroic tale, an Oregon father leapt off the side of a cliff to save his young son. The family was hiking in Silver Falls State Park. The little boy apparently tried to sit on a ledge and fell backwards over the rail. Eye witnesses say that without any hesitation, the young dad leapt over the ledge and slid 70 feet to get his little boy. The child grabbed on to branches along the way, giving his dad an opportunity to catch up to him before they fell down a 177 foot waterfall.

This story is just so incredible. The father, Ramiro Vallejo, is actually quite afraid of heights. But he said, “I just jumped without looking or thinking. All I wanted to do was catch him.” To add to the awesomeness, both the father and son walked away with minor scratches and no other injuries.

The Park Manager Kevin Strandberg said that the family was in a high-traffic area which is closely monitored by the park. He said that parents need to remember to keep in constant contact with their little ones while hiking. In such steep altitudes, one slip can lead to a tragedy. Thankfully for this family, everyone turned out alright, though Ramiro has had a hard time wiping the images of his tumbling child from his head.

When so much of news surrounding parents and their children seems to be depressing and pessimistic, it’s heartwarming to hear such a courageous tale. As I shared the story with my husband, he said, “Well, he would obviously die for his kids.” And Ramiro Vallejo proved that as he ignored fear and trepidation and hurled himself after his son. “Hero” is the only appropriate work to use in situations like these. When we’re constantly hearing about tragedy and sadness, I think we all can thank Ramiro for reminding us what great parents look like.

(Photo: Oregon Live)

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