Father-Daughter Team Wins At 2012 Academy Awards

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Terry and Oorlagh GeorgeThough a couple stars like Jonah Hill and Melissa McCarthy might have brought their parents to the Oscars with them, only one young person got to share an award with their father.  The fascinating father-daughter duo of  Terry and Oorlagh George won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

Their award-winning picture The Shore was inspired by the peace negotiations of Northern Island. In fact, Mr. George dedicated the award to his countrymen, both Protestant and Catholic. He said, “”This is about reconciliation in Northern Ireland, it is really close to my heart.”

Terry, who was previously nominated for his screenplays Hotel Rwanda and In The Name Of The Father, wrote and directed the picture, it was his daughter who produced the movie. I have to admit, I find it interesting and inspiring that the daughter got to step up and raise the money for this film. How refreshing to see a woman step in and financially support the creative work of her dad.

The acceptance for this award might have gotten off to a rocky start. In a move that seems reminiscent of political fathers, Terry mentioned that he wasn’t going to have to wait until his daughter’s wedding to tell the world how great she was. Hint hint, guys, the lady is still single.

But even with that quick bit of awkwardness, it was easy to see that this family team was ecstatic about their win, as well as their work together. And when Terry got distracted by his picture’s overall message and forgot to thank his dear wife, Oorlagh stepped in to dedicate the award to her mother. Obviously, this daughter knows how to look after her father’s best interests. It’s no wonder they created such an amazing piece of work.