‘Divorce Stress’ Didn’t Cause This Father To Kill His Child, Being A Monster Did

father commits murder suicide - Zuzanna and Emanuel
Zuzanna with Emanuel as a baby.

Often, when faced with a story of unimaginable horror, the media grasps to find something, anything to blame it on. That is exactly what happened yesterday when the Chicago Sun Times reported on the ghastly murder-suicide committed by Robert Bzdek, a 34-year-old father. According to reports he stabbed his 3-year-old daughter Zuzanna and then killed himself.

According to the Sun Times, Zuzanna’s step brother Emanuel Szyszka says it was “the strain of divorce” that drove Bzdek to stab his young daughter to death before taking his own life in their home in Woodridge, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Officers discovered Bzdek around 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, after having hanged himself. Zuzanna, who was called Zuzia by family, was found close by with multiple stab wounds, She was just barely clinging to life as they rushed to her an area hospital, but later died in surgery.

I want to be clear, I have the utmost compassion for Szyszka. According to a public post on his Facebook page, he was the one to first realize what was going on and call the police:


I’m sure the stress and strain of such a gut wrenching situation has taken its toll, so I completely understand the urge to find something or someone to blame. What I don’t understand is why a well-known publication such as the Sun Times would report on his comments, written during a time of extreme emotional turmoil, as if they were the gospel truth. Divorce doesn’t cause murder. Being a sick bastard does. I can’t help but wonder how Zuzanna’s mother feels. I’m sure she’s heartbroken, and probably already blames herself. The last thing she needs is a respected media outlet insinuating that her divorce caused the death of her child. And the last thing anyone needs is more fuel for the MRA-woman-haters whom I’m certain will be quick to put all of the blame on the mom.

(Photo: Facebook)

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