Father Of The Year Fires A Gun Into A School Parking Lot Brawl

hands holding gunLast Friday, two rival Wisconsin high school boys’ basketball teams met up for a match – but the real battle turned out to take place in the parking lot outside the building. Two girls from the different schools, who both got ejected from the stands, took their mutual beef outside and started what the local news is politely calling ‘an altercation’, which drew in other students, and then teachers trying to break up the fight. And then, finally, the last addition to this hot mess (at least before the cops showed up) was the father of one of the two instigators. And his handgun. And a few of his bullets.

Now, we in Wisconsin take high school basketball seriously, as would you if it regularly dropped down to negative six bazillion degrees and you needed something indoors-y to do. But I think even sportsiest fanatic among us would agree that literally bringing a gun to a fistfight is a no-no. By what is pretty clearly nothing more than sheer dumb luck – the very dumbest of dumb luck – no one was killed when Daddy Dearest fired multiple shots into the brawl. Only a 15-year-old boy, who doesn’t attend either of the high schools involved in the game and who probably wishes now that he’s skipped the thing entirely, was injured by a bullet that also grazed a teacher’s toe, and an assistant principal had a near miss, too. Parenting: you’re doing it very, very wrong!

Since the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that this trigger-happy dad was on probation for a litany of cocaine-distribution-related drug charges, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that he did not have the basis to legally own a gun, nor the common sense. I don’t need to guess to say that he was also clearly lacking the minimal amount of common sense it would take to not bring a gun to a school campus and fire it into a crowd of human beings.

Well, congratulations to the boys of Wisconsin Lutheran – on their victory over West Bend East, and on not getting shot in their school parking lot. Well done, guys! The only good news about this ridiculous story is that, after spending the weekend on the lam, the shooter was arrested by Milwaukee police on Monday – and that the injured student has already been released from the hospital. And, of course, that no one had to plan a funeral because of this idiot’s actions.

(Image: Gloszilla Studio/Shutterstock)

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