Father And Daughter Born In Parking Lot 33 Years Apart Bring ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’ To A Whole Other Level

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parking lotOne of my biggest fears when I was pregnant was getting out of the house too late and being forced to pop my baby out somewhere on the side of the highway. Well, that is exactly what happened to one Illinois family, the Pavliks. Or rather TWO generations of Pavliks.

That’s right. The Pavliks bring the phrase “like father, like daughter” to a whole new level. Both father and daughter were born in Chicago-area parking lots, almost exactly 33 years apart. Back in 1980, Frank Pavlik was born in the parking lot of the Louis Joliet Mall, outside of Chicago, Illinois. Now 33 years later, his daughter, Hannah Pavlik, has followed in his footsteps.

Her mom, Erica Pavlik, who has two older sons, had previously gone through false labor, so she assumed she had plenty of time before she needed to head to the hospital. But soon the contractions were too much to bare, and she was frantically calling her mother to rush her to the maternity ward. She also called her husband Frank and let him know that if he didn’t get to the hospital fast, he might miss seeing his daughter being born.

That fear, of course, was moot, because not long after leaving the house, Erica and her mother were forced to stop at a BP gas station in Oswego once Erica’s water broke. The paramedics were called, but little Hannah was delivered by her grandma before they could arrive. She was born in a parking lot, almost 33 years to the day from when her father was born under similar circumstances.

This story is sweet and all, but also a little horrifying. First of all, what are the odds that this would happen to two people in the same family? It almost makes me want to staple my baby making area shut until I can get my tubes nuked to oblivion (I kid, I kid).

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