To Increase Sales Of Her Amateur-Made-On-Purpose Sex Tape, Farrah Abraham Bought A Pregnancy Test

Farrah Abraham PregnantTeens moms of the world! If you make a sex tape that you swear was a private encounter between you and another human and later it turns out that it was actually a porno movie you made on purpose and it isn’t making you an insta-Kardashian and you wanna sell more copies of the tape then do what Farrah Abraham ‘do! Get thee to the nearest Rite Aid and buy an EPT pregnancy test! TMZ is reporting this is what went down in the land of Teen Moms turned porno ladies:

Newly minted porn star Farrah Abraham is so worried James Deen knocked her up while filming their infamous sex tape … she peed on a stick. Sources close to Farrah tell TMZ … the former “Teen Mom” star hadn’t had sex in more than a year before James got her … and the duo didn’t wear condoms while filming … and Farrah wasn’t on birth control. Basically all the makings for an after school special. We’re told Farrah recently missed her period and started freaking out, thinking she was growing a little porn spawn.  So she went shopping for a pregnancy test at her local pharmacy.

The best part of this is what Farrah wore to the pharmacy, which, and no, I don’t have the photos for you, but I wish I did, can only be described as like Solid Gold dancer coupled with sky-high heels Real Housewife. But no! Actually, the best part about this is that according to what I have read, because I have not seen this fine piece of cinema, is that Ms. Abrahams has sex the sex way in which you have sex by having sex in your butt and it’s difficult to get pregnant this way, or so I am told, but not impossible because we all know sperm are sneaky, but she is possibly worried she may be having a butt baby.

Butt babies for everyone!

Because you all are awesome I will have my fingers crossed all morning that some brave reader or a reader who will use the Disquis anonymous tag will tell us that they were also made pregnant the butt baby way!

Regardless, the whole pregnancy thing worked for the sales of Kim’s amateur porno so why shouldn’t it work for Farrah’s on purpose porno? Butt babies!

(Photo: twitter)

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