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Photographer Captures the Exact Moment This Family Portrait Went Hilariously Wrong

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That’s Donal’s dog buddy Max in the photo, taking one helluva bite out of his dad’s, uh, gentle bits. “Max our dog who loves my dad more than anything got a little excited when he posed for a jumping shot outside San Francisco’s famous painted ladies,” he said on the Facebook post where he shared the photo.

Donal said his dad fared pretty well after the “snap.” “The family jewels are all still in tact!”

The picture went viral, as you can imagine. Commenters can’t get enough of Max and his exuberance. People were also concerned about Donal’s dad, obviously. Lots of people wanted to make sure Dad was ok, hence the follow-up showing nothing but love between the two. Dogs are gonna dog, right?

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“Puts a whole new meaning on ‘crotch shot’!” Why yes, Donal. Yes it does.

We’re glad to hear that Dad walked away unscathed, and that the whole family can laugh about this awesome family portrait fail. And we thank you for sharing it with us! Now, if this isn’t the family holiday card from here until the end of time, we’ll be very disappointed.

Have you ever had a family portrait fail quite like this one? Let us know in the comments and share one if you’ve got it!

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(Image: Facebook/Donal Skehan)

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