Cheatsgiving: 8 Ways To Survive A Family Holiday Where Everyone Hates You

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Getting married or being in a serious relationship can have a major drawback known as The In-Laws. Some people are very fortunate and have wonderful in-laws that they are able to have a loving relationship with. Holidays are split evenly between families and everyone is happy. Others are not so lucky and have a contentious vibe going on with the family of their significant other. I would be one of those people and after 12 years with my husband, I have been through many a family holiday where I felt like everyone hated me. If this is how things are with your in-laws or other family members, hear my advice. Things are bad enough that I now totally avoid these visits but before that, I had to find ways to cope. Here are my best ideas. You’re welcome.

1. Alcohol


An oldie, but a goodie. It’s not like you need to get tanked but situations like this can cause anxiety and a glass or two of wine will go a long way toward calming the agita and making you less likely to flee.

2. Hang Out With The Kids


The adults in the room might be total assholes but usually, the kids are cool. A SpongeBob marathon in a downstairs living room far away from all the jerks? Don’t mind if I do.

3. Kill Them With Kindness


Even when you can feel them recoil with disgust, make a big show of hugging them and greeting them enthusiastically. It both confuses them and makes you look even more like the innocent victim.

4. Buy Them Awful Gifts

bad gift

This is solely for your own amusement. Find a really creepy Hummel figurine or a candle that smells like a combo of Pine-Sol and farts. Ask them to light it RIGHT NOW!

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