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Family Car Stickers Are Stupid And Possibly Dangerous

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You know those annoying My Family car stickers that have become a ubiquitous fixture on suburban vehicles? The ones where each member of the family is hilariously stupidly represented with a poorly drawn, completely unfunny stick figure? Well, apparently they “might” make you a target for burglars. Authorities in the U.S. are claiming that these bumper stickers give away too much personal information and may attract the wrong kind of attention. Because apparently letting people know you’re a soccer mom is now dangerous.I think the important thing to note here is that regardless if how safe or unsafe they are, they’re lame and must be stopped.

According to The Daily Mail, Bond University Criminologist, former cop and professional worry wart Terry Goldsworthy says that the stickers are just as bad as sharing personal information on social media sites like Facebook, and that info we put out there about our families could be used for nefarious purposes. His in-no-way-creepy example is of a young, pretty woman getting into a car with just two stickers, a female and a dog. Goldsworthy believes that the absence of a make sticker may lead some to assume she lives alone, which might make her a target:

“Then they know your family structure, your car and where you live so while by themselves the stickers may not be of importance, together it can all add up.”

My Family car stickers creator Monica Liebenow had this to say:

“They are harmless stickers and they are put on cars with a great intention by people who want to express their family pride…I really don’t think that is how any would-be robber is going to figure out their next victim,’ she said. ‘I’m sure they would have more sophisticated ways of doing that.”

Yeah, this is probably a silly thing to be worried about. Liebenow goes on to give this piece of sage advice for those concerned:

“If you’re worried about it, don’t put it on your car (and) if we’re going to make assumptions about things, why can’t we just assume the best.”

Yup. I think “don’t put it on your car” is the best possible advice you can take, because regardless of what info these stickers may or may not be giving out, they are dumb and awful. This trend needs to die.